After 20 years of solo silence... viva McVie, Christine is back in the charts.

The woman who gave Fleetwood Mac, and the world, hits such as Don't Stop, You Make Loving Fun, Everywhere and Little Lies, Christine chimes in with this 'sing-and tell' album.

Reading the playlist, listening to songs and reading between the lines it is obvious she still loves her ex-husband, Fleetwood Mac's bassist John McVie, despite being divorced for nearly 30 years. The 12-track album sounds like a retrospective of their turbulent nine-year union (with my interpretation in brackets). 1. Friend (We like each other); 2. You Are (I love you); 3. Northern Star (Even more deeply); 4. Bad Journey (Things are going wrong); 5. Anything Is Possible (We can work it out); 6. Calumny (You liar); 7. So Sincere (I was...); 8. Easy Come, Easy Go (Oh, well...); 9. Liar (I still hurt); 10. Sweet Revenge (I still love/hate you) and 11. Forgiveness (We must show some...); 12. Giving It Back (Time to move on, no hard feelings). All good stuff, sung with emotion and great style.

Updated: 08:36 Thursday, July 08, 2004