IN reply to Peter Edwards' letter ("Park and Ride to save money and beat parking charges", July 14).

While the increase in the use of public transport is good news for the city and the environment the big problem facing people is the lack of services after early evening.

Park and Ride finishes at 9pm so for people wishing to dine in York, visit the theatre or cinema, participate in clubs/societies or just relax with friends for a drink this is not an option.

Many villages have residents whose closest town is York. Unfortunately, these villages are, at best, only served with limited public transport and therefore the car is their only option.

Until people in the York area get an integrated public transport system that fulfils their needs the city will always be faced with a transport problem.

This may also be why city centre businesses are not seeing a 25 per cent increase in profit.

Clive Appleyard,

Westminster Road, York.

...I QUESTION the Evening Press's political motives. You have a full-scale campaign against the Liberal Democrat council's parking charges, which they "claim" is to cover shortfalls of more than £1 million.

Then you put a slant on the headline about the 12,000 letters sent out about council tax arrears ("Tax Fury", July 13). You infer it is the city council's fault and that these people are in the right - picking on a few spurious mistakes by the council. This smacks of double standards. If people do not pay their council tax there will be more pressure on the council's cash flow. These people are in the wrong and so is the Evening Press for inferring the council is wrong for sending out these reminders. Remain impartial - you are beginning to seem "one-eyed".

James Loxten,

Malt Shovel Court, York.

Updated: 10:08 Friday, July 16, 2004