EVERYONE could be a winner when the latest York City fund-raising initiative goes live.

A new lottery competition called York Yankee was launched this week in a bid to boost City's cash reserves and give fans the chance to get something back.

The weekly draw will cost £1 a week with a minimum weekly prize fund of £500.

Lotteries manager Sue Chappell said: "The cost of relegation is in the region of £200,000. To re-coup some of this income so the club can be competitive in the national Conference, we have decided to expand the weekly draw.

"The aim of this expansion is to increase our income by 400 per cent. To do this we have brought in Saturday Yankee, who have been successful in running weekly draws throughout the country."

Club chairman Steve Beck said: "In order to maximise our income potential to help with our quest to obtain Football League status again, I would ask York people to fully support the launch of our new weekly draw."

Canvassers will be hitting the streets in the coming weeks to take this latest promotion to the people, and the first draw will take place on August 14, the first day of the season.

For more information on signing up or becoming an agent, contact Sue on 0870 777 1922, extension 5.

Updated: 12:22 Friday, July 16, 2004