IN The Shadow Of York Minster, a selling show of new oil paintings by Royal Academy artist Jake Attree, opens at Adze Contemporary Art Gallery, York, on July 24.

Attree was born in York and has been making work about this city since his earliest attempts at picture making. Not exclusively, by any means, because Attree also paints a wide range of other cities and some portraits too.

Gallery boss David Durham says: "What Jake Attree is acutely aware of is the way in which the city he was born in influences his work consciously and subliminally.

"The proportions of the Minster and its relationship to the rest of the city; the way the limestone wall girdles the medieval city; the sense of York being a place that has somehow been greatly compressed by some unseen force; and the very particular light; all these things are inherent in this new set of oil paintings. So much so, you can say they truly are made 'in the shadow of York Minster'."

The exhibition runs until August 14 and prices range from £350 to £3,500. Adze, in Gillygate, is open Wednesday to Saturday, from noon to 4pm.

Admission is free.

Updated: 15:31 Thursday, July 15, 2004