Pablo Picasso in Harrogate? Yes, his work is being exhibited at the Gascoigne Gallery in Royal Parade until August 1.

The gallery could not be more excited. "After the outstanding success of the Kandinsky and Graham Sutherland exhibitions, we're holding our most exciting exhibition to date. Not only for the first time in Harrogate but for the first time in Yorkshire, Pablo Picasso's work will be shown and will be available to purchase," reads the ebullient press release.

"It is our good fortune that Picasso had such a great love of printmaking. By the time he died in 1973 he had produced a substantial body of original etchings, lithographs and linocuts, which rank with the greatest prints of the 20th Century.

"While the ownership of an original painting by the master is, for most of us, out of the question, his original prints, made in comparatively small editions, are still relatively accessible," says assistant curator Tracey Ward.

Opening hours are 11am to 5pm, Wednesday to Monday, or by appointment. For more details, not least the Picasso price tags of £660 to £3,000, ring 01423 525000.

Updated: 15:27 Thursday, July 15, 2004