An abiding memory of last year's Leeds Festival was the bottling of New York hip hopper 50 Cent.

He may be a tough-talking Bronx bad ass, but a few plastic beakers lobbed by Placebo fans stunned the Teflon-chested rapper and his gargantuan entourage.

Clearly not deterred with this run-in with West Yorkshire's hood(ed tops) - his debut LP sold 11 million copies - 'Fiddy' is back with an album almost as big as his titanic ego.

50 likes guns, the CD artwork contains enough pistols scare Dirty Harry, but maybe he should have sprayed a few warnings shots at whoever edited this monument to overindulgence.

Weighing in at nearly 80 minutes, The Massacre could easily have been halved without shedding blood.

Updated: 08:49 Thursday, March 24, 2005