IT was meant to be a father and daughter tandem ride across England to help raise money for a charity trip to Africa.

But York vicar David Casswell looks destined to leave his daughter behind when he sets off on the Tandem for Tanzania - as he cannot find a bicycle made for two.

Reverend Casswell, of Clifton parish, is appealing to the public for the loan of a suitable two-seated bike so he and his 20-year-old daughter Tamsin can take part in the coast-to-coast trip together on April 4.

Mr Casswell, 52, said he had arranged with a York shop to hire a tandem, but he has now been told that the vehicle will not arrive in the city in time.

He said: "I'm now asking around, trying to get hold of a tandem to hire. We can't afford to buy a bike because the cheapest is around £300, and we just need it for three or four days. We are cycling coast to coast from Workington to Newcastle."

If a suitable bike can be found the pair are due to set off on April 4 for the 140-mile ride. They are hoping to complete the trip in three days, staying in bed and breakfasts along the route.

Money raised from the sponsored coast- to-coast ride will go towards a parish trip to Tanzania, East Africa, later in the year.

The church group will help local villagers to set up a vaccination programme for animals and a deaf community to gain employment in textile and paper making.

If anyone would like to help Mr Casswell they can phone him at Clifton Vicarage on 01904 655071.

Updated: 10:06 Thursday, March 24, 2005