My wife was shocked to find that her plans to cycle to work during Royal Ascot would not be possible

because the Knavesmire will be closed to bicycles ('Cyclists facing Ascot race ban', March 22)

After visiting the city council website for confirmation, we read this terse statement:

"No additional cycling facilities will be provided for the Royal Meeting as a result of safety and security considerations.

"Cycles will not be permitted within the racecourse area. Please park your cycle in the city centre and walk to the racecourse.

"Cycles left in any public area at locations around the racecourse will be subject to removal by the police without notice."

There is an important cycle route around Knavesmire well used by many people as a means of travelling to work while avoiding roads.

We are both very disappointed at the prospect of this facility being withdrawn because of Royal Ascot week and my wife will now have to travel by car or bus to and from work during this week instead of cycling.

We do not understand the reason for the sanction. The idea that cars can be "fully security checked" yet bicycles cannot is ludicrous.

We would also like clarification about the words "around the racecourse", i.e. the extent of this apparent bicycle exclusion zone.

The logic of opening Terry Avenue is also puzzling: is every taxi passenger less capable of walking than the cyclists who will be obliged to do so?

We are left wondering if April 1 has arrived early this year.

Mrs J. Munro and A. Munro,

Middlethorpe Grove,

Dringhouses, York.

Updated: 09:28 Thursday, March 24, 2005