Tony Blair acted as though the issue of school dinners was new and Gordon Brown will still not commit extra money to give England's children a healthier choice.

Therefore, it may interest to readers to know Chancellor Brown has promised to take an extra £63.5 million out of Britain's tax coffers to promote heathier eating habits in 2005-6.

This will include larger portions of more nutritious food at no extra costs; nutrient standards to make meals healthier; improving the atmosphere and facilities in school dining areas; providing all Primary 1 and Primary 2 pupils with free fruit at least three times a week; providing free chilled drinking water in schools; removing vending machines from dining areas and ensuring that where vending machines exist in schools, they provide healthy alternatives.

So you see, Gordon and Tony really are fully aware of the issues and they really do care about schoolchildren.

Unfortunately for England, the only children they care about to the tune of more than £63 million all live in Scotland.

Tony and Gordon are Scottish, but I'm sure that's nothing to do with it? As for the children of England - let them eat rubbish.

Della Petch,

Campaign for an English Parliament,

Burdale Close, Driffield.

Updated: 09:27 Thursday, March 24, 2005