IT was interesting to read about the graffiti busters (Evening Press, February 11) and that kits are available on loan for communities wanting to clean up their streets.

I was once told by a reliable source that offenders on community service used to do graffiti removal as one of their jobs for the benefit of the community. Apparently it was then decided it was too demeaning.

If this statement is correct, and residents are now invited to help remove graffiti, the community service people could once again help in this useful, and necessary, task.

It would be much more helpful than removing molehills from a sports field, picking up dead twigs and branches from the floor of a wood and playing football - some of the more daunting tasks revealed to a friend by a community service person.

KA Roworth,

Reighton Avenue, York.

Updated: 09:26 Thursday, March 24, 2005