A strike by public sector workers about their pension terms has been avoided by negotiations between their unions and the Government. Offers from both sides must have ensured the result.

I should like to be involved with Tony Blair in the same process if he will push for a permanently fair national pension, linked to wages and the cost of living.

For my part, I shall forgive him for honest, but misguided and over-enthusiastic, support for the foreign policy of George Bush.

Benefits for the nation will include: increased productivity from a motivated work-force, happy and proud in the knowledge that whatever lies ahead before retirement they will have a fair share of the fruits of their work alongside their children, protected against inflation and the indignities of measured pity.

Some say that, with the ageing population, it cannot be afforded.

All it takes is a common will to make it happen. We know from our history we are capable of greater achievements.

George Appleby,

Leighton Croft,

Clifton, York.

Updated: 09:26 Thursday, March 24, 2005