I read with disappointment, but not total surprise, the criticism of June Nelsey's letter about some people's attitude to Royal Ascot at York.

She quite rightly points out that there is a global benefit for the city.

If York hoteliers do well during the meeting, great - they will make some money and so will their staff.

What will they do with this money? The chances are most of it will be spent in local retail outlets or with local businesses.

The "nothing in it for me" attitude is not only selfish but probably inaccurate.

York is a tourist city, and one of the greatest benefits of this is available to all its residents who live in an environment of historic buildings, with open spaces and relatively clean air. Would it be better if the city were dependent for its wealth on huge factories belching out pollution night and day? If we wish to remain a tourist city we need to treat visitors like guests and not like nuisances - the way we would expect to be treated on holiday.

Every four years many of the world's great cities do battle to stage the greatest event of them all, the Olympics, in full knowledge that a major sporting occasion can do wonders for the image of a city and the local economy. If the Olympics ever came back to this country the ruling bodies down south would make sure that it goes to London, not Manchester, Glasgow, nor York for that matter.

Well, this is our Olympics - our chance to show southerners there is life north of Watford.

Dave Martin,

York Incoming,

Walmgate, York.

Updated: 11:06 Friday, March 25, 2005