Of course BBC Radio York costs more than Radio Leeds, the area it serves is so much bigger ('Job cuts shock at Radio York', March 22).

Covering the largest county in England, what else would be expected?

Staff at a radio station serving a widespread community need to be a part of it and can't do their job at arms' length. Radio York obviously does well to come in only fifth most expensive. Much better for Mark Thompson to look at the map of Britain and plan his redundancies on a density-of-BBC-staff-per-square-mile basis.

At least then the appalling London-centric bias of the BBC would be addressed. And isn't he being a little disingenuous when he says "we need to invest in our digital future" when almost every BBC local radio station in the country - but not Radio York - is already available on digital radio?

Chris Wood,

W3KTS Limited,

Portland Street,


Updated: 11:04 Friday, March 25, 2005