I READ the account of George Smith and his great courage in rescuing a mother and attempting to rescue her two year-old daughter from a house fire in Tang Hall with a feeling of great admiration ('Hero', March 24).

He should get an award for his bravery.

I speak with a bit of knowledge on the subject because I received a bronze medal, and parchment, from The Liverpool Shipwreck and Humane Society for rescuing my chief engineer from drowning in the River Clyde in 1971 when I was in the Merchant Navy in circumstances which were somewhat fraught but nowhere near as terrifying as having to face fire.

Mr. Smith's' self-effacing statement about he would have done it for anybody is probably perfectly true, but nobody can fail to recognise him as a tremendously brave man and I salute him and hope his bravery is recognised.

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Updated: 10:32 Saturday, March 26, 2005