Mr Squirrell is nuts if he thinks Alan Crosby, prosecuted for spraying graffiti on 27 buildings, is an 'artist' (Letters, March 19).

Even if the graffiti had artistic merit - which, in Crosby's case, it clearly didn't - spoiling someone else's property is wrong.

I doubt whether sending Mr Crosby to jail is the right answer. He is not bright enough to benefit from prison.

Who, with any intelligence, would spray his signature on a wall?

It would be more use to York's residents, and the owners of the properties, if the vandal we persistently made to clear up the mess he'd made. The law should focus on the needs of the victim. Zero tolerance of graffiti helped to make New York smart, let's keep old York tidy, too.

If you see graffiti report it straight away. York Pride's Action Line is: 01904 551551.

Clive Booth,

York's Conservative Parliamentary Candidate,

Ash Street,


Updated: 10:29 Saturday, March 26, 2005