BILLY McEwan has given the first indication that he will contemplate a future away from KitKat Crescent at the end of the season.

A "disgusted" and disheartened McEwan said after last night's 6-0 drubbing at Carlisle United that he will discuss his position with the York City board and his wife before deciding whether to continue as the Minstermen's first-team manager.

McEwan believes his current job is "massive" and "tough" and his early success with City is also understood to have attracted interest from League Two.

The Minstermen boss is currently employed under a normal employment contract which would probably require a month's notice from either party and McEwan said last night: "I was brought in to save York City from dropping out of the Conference. That mission has been accomplished and, if I have to walk away at the end of the season, I can sleep knowing that I got nine points and two big wins to do that.

"I have to look at my own future and career now and will have to sit down with my wife and ask her if I need this. I will also be discussing with the board where we want to go but I am not going to kill myself put it that way.

"It's a massive, massive job and it would be the easiest thing to walk away but I will fight and scrap until the end of the season and then we will see where we go."

McEwan has also warned that it could take more than two years for the club to challenge at the right end of the table, regardless of whether he is manager or not.

He said: "The result shows how far the club has fallen and how big a mountain it has to climb. Nothing will be achieved here in one or two years. It's going to be a long-term job.

"The club hasn't got two bob so what can you do? I'm Billy McEwan not Billy Graham. I'm not a miracle worker.

"The club is skint but recruitment is important, as has been shown. A lot of young players were taking on Carlisle and that showed especially at the back, where Kyle Armstrong's come in and made mistakes. He hasn't meant to but you learn the hard way and we got hammered and punished."

Forest Green's home defeat to Hereford United means the Minstermen are now safe from relegation but McEwan took little solace from that last night, saying: "The six big points against Barnet and Exeter kept this football club up, not anything that happened tonight."

The City boss also felt his side's defending was as calamitous as a scene from the "Wacky Races" cartoon.

He said: "We made elementary mistakes. The sixth goal was the only decent one they scored. The others were self-inflicted and you can't do that against Carlisle.

"It was like Wacky Races but that's what I have inherited. I accept part of the blame for changing the system around a bit and playing three at the back but the third, fourth and fifth goals were absolutely suicidal and you can't legislate for players dropping clangers like that. It was absolutely embarrassing for York City Football Club.

"You would not see some of those things on a Sunday morning football pitch. I didn't say one word to the players after the game because I am absolutely disgusted with them. I feel sorry for the fans, not them."

McEwan felt that his side's cause was not helped by the penalty decision

given by referee Dave Foster, which he described as "diabolical" and led to Carlisle's second goal.

He also reminded out-of-contract players that they now have just 11 days to avoid the dole queue, adding: "They have got to show how tough they are and what they are made of. If they don't then they can clear off because I am not interested in them. They have got three games until April 23 -- D Day -- when some could be out of work."

McEwan is hoping that last night's second-half substitute Andy Bishop will be fit to face Dagenham and Redbridge on Saturday and, with safety ensured, will take the chance to look at some of the squad's fringe players.

He said: "I have got to see what other players are like now and give them a chance although there's not too many options to be honest."

Updated: 10:36 Wednesday, April 13, 2005