I READ your article about adequate access for the many people who depend on wheelchairs with great interest.

In Haxby and Wigginton we have many access violations by cars parking on the footpaths and blocking wheelchair and baby buggy users.

I have seen many cars straddling footpaths and, in one case, a car in Usher Lane completely blocked pedestrians' rights of way. It is not just an inconvenience, it places footpath users in an extremely vulnerable position.

Local councils need to stand up to this increasing violation. They should firmly inform residents who carry out such illegal parking that they are not only anti-social but also illegal and risk prosecution.

General Election candidates in this area may like to take an interest in this increasing nuisance. The irresponsibility of parking on footpaths needs to be addressed now.

Hopefully, City of York Council street environment officers and local parish councils will take the appropriate action to stop this denial of access for people who depend on freedom to an open footpath.

Eddie Benson,

Crooklands Lane,

Haxby, York.

Updated: 10:53 Wednesday, April 27, 2005