WITH a mixture of despair and amusement, I read your article on policing at the G8.

I refer specifically to the following: "Many fear the summit and parade could be hijacked by extreme anti-capitalist demonstrators intent on wreaking havoc" (April 22). While I expect such blatant bias and opportunism from the Sun or the Times, I have come to expect better from you.

The division between "good" protesters (Make Poverty History) and "bad" protesters (everybody else) is entirely illusory.

It works only in the interests of those who hold the power to alleviate world poverty in an instant but who refuse to do so, choosing instead to act solely in their own interests and those of their corporate paymasters.

This year's G8 protests will see a diverse range of protests. Actions and demonstrations have been called against destructive nuclear weapons, racist immigration controls and the biggest single threat facing the world today - climate change.

The G8 comes into this context not as a source for change but as one of the chief groups responsible for the perpetuation of these problems.

With these diverse protests come diverse tactics, ranging from the "fluffy" (the Make Poverty History) to the "spikey" (spontaneous acts against physical symbols of authority).

While it is obvious that not every individual will agree with every tactic, it is vital to remember where the real impediment to progress comes from. Not the "extremist fringe" smashing up McDonald's, but the state terrorist gathering taking place inside the Gleneagles Hotel.

For those interested in taking part in this year's protests please see www.dissent.org.uk.

In this world of extreme violence, a "lunatic fringe" is inevitable - and I am proud to be a part of it.

Jonathan P M Thompson,

Skiddaw, York.

Updated: 10:52 Wednesday, April 27, 2005