I AM appalled that some of the bowling fraternity who use Clarence Gardens have thought up the idea that the relatively small area of green between the boundary wall of Hansom Place and Wigginton Road could be used as a car park.

The green is a welcome oasis in this area, which is surrounded by buildings and heavy traffic.

Lines of cars queue daily to turn into the hospital car park, and to try and get in and out of the green space would cause instant chaos. Railings and hedges would have to be removed, a dropped kerb made from Wigginton Road and, if this was an entrance and exit, the traffic jams would be spectacular.

The elderly residents of Hansom Place would be badly affected by extra noise and fumes, when in their apartments, and when sitting out in the gardens.

The proposal to use this space between the flats and the traffic would cause nothing but trouble. Please do not allow this little green oasis to be destroyed.

Mrs B Baxter,

Hansom Place,

Wigginton Road,


Updated: 09:41 Monday, June 20, 2005