City of York Council is at it again, wanting to turn another green patch into a car park, but not permanently I am told.

The piece of green grass near the bowling greens on Clarence Gardens is part of Bootham stray and has been enclosed for a long time.

It is seen by the bowling fraternity as a temporary car park, with the railings being removed for access. But we have no reassurance of it being temporary.

Once the grass has been destroyed, which it will within a week, and the natural land drainage is compacted further it will exacerbate the problem with the drains on Wigginton Road are already awash when it rains.

Planning permission was not granted for private access through-road on the original plans of a one-storey block of houses. Too much traffic then, which has now trebled.

Meanwhile, the size of the hospital has trebled and is mushrooming out and up creating more car parking spaces, and buildings.

What is the agenda for York, more car parks in the centre? I thought, in my innocence, we were trying to cut down pollution in the Gillygate area.

Now, "inner-city" children, which slowly they have become in the Groves area, have nowhere to kick a ball around in safety.

We are becoming a grab-and-don't-care city, and I feel ashamed of it.

Mrs Sandra Simpson,

Hansom Place,

Wigginton Road, York

Updated: 09:41 Monday, June 20, 2005