The lights dimmed, the curtain lifted and squeals of laughter and delight greeted everyone's favourite postman, the one and only Postman Pat, together with his faithful companion, Jess the cat.

Greendale Post Office was celebrating its 100th birthday!

Overhearing the planning in the post office for the celebrations, Julian and Meera decided they didn't want just a "boring" day and decided to ensure an exciting one instead!

With Jess the Cat by their side, they tricked the Greendale villagers. They took the food hamper, the red paint, Mrs Goggins' tomato plant and all the decorations, leaving Ted Glen, PC Selby, Mrs Goggins and Postman Pat pondering whether the Greendale Dragon had returned!

Meanwhile, Ajay had his own disaster - the Greendale Rocket had broken down. What a to-do!

Ever the hero, Postman Pat stumbled on Julian and Meera's plan and saved the day.

Postman Pat always delivers his letters, no matter what the challenge!

The show was entertaining and educational with lively songs, ensuring plenty of audience participation.

Updated: 11:04 Monday, June 20, 2005