HILARY McElroy appears to have missed the point I was trying to make (Letters, June 15). When I was contacted by a journalist I was asked about the parking situation as it affects Acomb WMC and its members (I am not a spokesman for Morrisons), and I reiterate that the members of this club own the part of the car park at the back of our building.

Some of our members are elderly and/or disabled and they, like all of our members, have a right to park on land which they partly own.

We have seen "people" park their cars on our land and in some cases take cycles from their vehicles and cycle off; these "people" and others are responsible for the current situation, not us or Morrisons.

(If umbrage was taken at the terminology of "people" I offer apologies because no offence was intended: but how else could I have described them, there are more than one and to my mind this term seems to encompass that.)

The comments on my shopping habits were irrelevant but I can do my shopping at the store or stores I wish and on the same day or even on other days. For example, I can have my hair cut, but I would feel rather guilty about abusing a system to the detriment of other users.

Frank A Healy,


Acomb WMC,

Front Street.



Updated: 09:40 Monday, June 20, 2005