I salute Bernard Hallas for his admirable defiance of his 87 years (Letters, June 15)?

Bernard, your example will stiffen the backs of many a volunteer activist in their seventies (I am one), when we feel like surrendering to "old age".

If my "ancient mariner" tag was an Exocet missile which fell on target, can you at least respect the fact that I knowingly put myself in the line of fire of your returning salvo, solely to defend a comrade, (ex-Lord Mayor Janet Looker) from your pre-emptive attack?

In fact, your response was no more than proportionate. Others have had their say. We have all had our horizons widened.

Can we now call an honourable truce?

Mary Machen,

Neville Street,


Updated: 09:40 Monday, June 20, 2005