Your leader (June 16) implied that entrepreneurial endeavour was ruined by the lack of support for Royal Ascot at York by people from the south.

This is only partly true and, as so often with large one-off events, prices rise dramatically with the result that a return ticket by train from London to York is the cheapest option.

Not all southerners are rich.

Although the racing has been a success - all credit to the organisers and staff - the city has suffered, with trade being worse than usual at this time of year.

Much of the blame must rest with the city council, whose arrangements for the racing have ignored the city.

I know of many local people who left the city while Royal Ascot at York was on in the belief the city would be a nightmare - and it has been for the traders, shopkeepers and the catering trade.

It may be for the best that the refurbishments at Ascot will be completed by next June.

Pauline Ensor,

Gateland Close, Haxby.

Updated: 10:41 Tuesday, June 21, 2005