NOW that Royal Ascot is over and so many York businesses have lost out on the so called "boom" for our city, will City of York Council finally begin making decisions on what is best for council tax payers.

During the past few weeks there have been many letters from concerned residents about the change to refuse collection to be implemented in October.

Most letters have suggested York residents fully agree that more recycling is a good thing but not at the expense of the weekly household rubbish collection.

Sadly, tax payers' concerns have, as usual, fallen on deaf ears.

I recently spoke to a friend in Hull where each household has three refuse bins - one for household rubbish collected weekly, one for papers collected fortnightly and one for glass collected monthly.

A similar approach in York whereby garden rubbish could be collected fortnightly as an extra collection (not replacing the weekly household rubbish collection) during the growing season (April to October) would, I am sure, be acceptable to most residents.

Maybe York's city council should be reminded that, as public servants, they are elected to represent the views of the people not make their own decisions and impose them on the people.

Tony Taylor,




Updated: 10:41 Tuesday, June 21, 2005