AS a regular traveller with GNER I was horrified to read they have given in to the "perfect" intolerant fanatics and banned smoking (June 16).

The segregated last coach for smokers (and tolerant non-smokers) was ideal for any balanced person, separated by a corridor and two doors. But that's not good enough for fanatics who selfishly want the whole train to themselves, moaning if the merest molecule of muck might drift through two doors. Or this mythical howling gale blasting black clouds of stench the length of the train, perhaps?

Other reports suggest a quarter or so still smoke not ten per cent. Complaints have risen by 172 per cent - would that be four to 11, or what? Does it exceed the number of smokers? - if not, why is this minority of moaning minnies dictating to everyone?

This "majority" argument won't work - all minorities whose behaviour is less perfect than ours would be banned next week.

This fanatical witch-hunt against 13 million smokers, orchestrated by a minority government and doctors, etc - so called public servants paid for by us - is sick and out of control.

Smoking is still legal; we pay nearly £10 billion tax, yet we are banned from public transport and, if the clean air fanatics have their way, banned from buildings, cafs and hotels, etc.

So there will be 13 million under house arrest, or sitting in rain-swept gutters breathing traffic fumes, which research suggests can be as dangerous as heavy active smoking.

As a pure, teetotal cyclist, I would ban passive drinking and motoring (and moaning minnie, nanny state, thieving hypocrisy).

M Cook,

Lowfield Drive,



Updated: 10:40 Tuesday, June 21, 2005