RUNNING alongside Common Road in Dunnington is a small stream in a deep gully. I walk along this several times a week and notice it is full of small fish and hosts a small family of water voles.

On three occasions I have seen a kingfisher, and for several weeks now a solitary moorhen has been sheltering in the banks.

On Friday, June 17, a large tractor had driven along the bank, churning up mud and cutting down the vegetation and grasses in the gully, most of which has fallen into the stream which is very low at this time of year.

To what end has taxpayers' money been used for this purpose other than the wanton destruction of a pleasant habitat for wildlife.

So, what chance do the world's rainforests have?

Tony Howlett,

Foxglove Cottage,

Common Road,


Updated: 10:40 Tuesday, June 21, 2005