THE outcome was never really in doubt - but the locals put up a pretty good fight anyway.

Almost ten centuries ago, 5,000 Anglo-Saxon warriors faced an invading Viking army on what is now Fulford Ings.

The Viking army, led by Harald Hardrada of Norway, charged into battle and trapped the English in a pincer movement.

Outnumbered, they were surrounded and massacred by the 7,000-strong rampaging horde.

Today, their fate was somewhat less gruesome. Unlike the 1066 Battle of Fulford, there were no casualties at all during the re-enacted 2004 version on Fordlands Road green yesterday.

The result, of course, was still the same - defeat for the English - but the tired troops were at least able to console themselves with a giant smorgasbord of meat, fish and cheese at a local pub.

Organiser Keith Mulhearn said: "The whole thing went fantastically well. Over 200 people came to watch, and everyone had a great time.

"The whole of Fulford is buzzing, and people have been asking me why we've never done anything like this before. I'm already planning next year's event."

Updated: 09:52 Monday, September 20, 2004