IT IS good to see the Evening Press is giving column inches to the Battle Of The Bands competition and supporting local music.

However, I am really disappointed with the way it is being covered.

The journalists responsible for the coverage appear to have no interest in music whatsoever.

The articles consist of the names of songs and who won, they seem very clinical. There is hardly any mention of musical styles.

As an avid music fan, I should like to read what the bands are like and then decide which bands I'm interested in seeing in the future.

I have been to a number of the Battle Of The Bands heats and seen your journalists questioning bands in a very "what's your name - what's your band called" style. Wouldn't it be better to ask some one who is interested in music to write the articles?

It would be excellent to see more coverage of local bands in your paper.

As it stands we rely on the wonderful people producing local magazines such as The Talk, Sandman and The Revolutionary Freak Press.

A Ridehalgh,

Ancress Walk,


Updated: 10:40 Tuesday, June 21, 2005