Golfers looking for that missing something to improve their game will be encouraged to tune into the power of the mind at a seminar at Pike Hills Golf Club on Friday.

Leading pros, including world number one Tiger Woods, have been latching on to the world of psychology to prepare them for competition and the word is beginning to spread throughout the sport.

Friday's 'Trained Brain' workshop is one of a series taking place across the country and will give local players a glimpse of how to use their mind.

Dr Karl Morris, a former Professional Golfers' Association pro who is now a consultant to the Association and also works with elite athletes in everything from football and cricket to rugby and golf, said: "Athletes at all levels develop patterns and habits that create certain results. Most are not conscious of these destructive or empowering patterns.

"A trained golf brain is as important as making a trained swing."

Tickets for the seminar, which starts at 7pm, cost £10 per person and can be booked by calling Joyce Kemp on 01904 656249, or by dropping in at Pike Hills.

Updated: 10:24 Tuesday, June 21, 2005