IT'S good to see that Hugh Bayley MP supports the economic aid and debt relief for Africa (July 4).

However, there will be little point in this if the UK continues to give out large loans to impoverished nations and creates the same problems in the future.

Why don't we refuse to give aid in the form of money, which may be mis-appropriated by inadequate administration, warfare and, dare I say, corrupt leaders?

We have a huge resource of skills in the UK, which includes companies producing armaments who seem to sell to anyone regardless of how they are used.

Why can't the Government change policy to utilise the skills and resources of these companies to train people from Africa in skills necessary for them to develop as independent nations?

Would it not be better to help them by providing building and farming equipment, tools, expertise, water pipelines, water wells, solar and wind power generation, plentiful drugs to counter Aids, river blindness and malaria, and help them utilise the resources in their own lands to build decent homes, roads and infrastructure?

Mr Bayley also mentions the common agricultural policy (CAP) which accounts for 40 per cent of the EU budget.

At £66 billion pounds the entire EU annual budget represents £2.82 per week for each of the 450 million European citizens.

This is extremely good value for money as the budget is used to equalise wealth throughout the EU with a higher share going to develop the poorer nations of Europe.

Could not savings in the CAP finance a shadow Economic Community for Africa, based in Europe, which would monitor African nations qualifying for aid?

It would ensure that practical aid is given only to those who fulfil our criteria for aid and development.

T Scaife,

Manor Drive


Updated: 10:42 Wednesday, July 06, 2005