AS the G8 leaders gather around the golf course at Edinburgh, it reminds me of another challenge that England faced a few centuries ago when Drake played bowls before facing the might of the Spanish Armada.

It was the same relative game play for global change.

For Drake it was defeat or glory for England, where in this century it is defeat of world-wide poverty.

World poverty has been a universal constant for countless centuries; its cause has been either the relentless cruelty of nature or man.

Live 8 has admirable intentions yet with the likes of despot tribal dictators that still eat up the properties of widows whilst ruling with callous indifference, this equation cannot have a simple solution.

Mankind must evolve and that needs more than money and good intentions.

The solution is that of a more positive, less dithering United Nations.

Phil Shepherdson,

Chantry Close,



Updated: 10:41 Wednesday, July 06, 2005