IT is now a couple of years since we all got excited about the Without Walls vision for the city, and many may be wondering what has happened to these plans.

As part of the community strategy for York, the current Your Ward newsletter includes an additional sheet inviting residents to contribute to "neighbourhood action plans" to help translate the themes of this vision into changes on the ground in your ward.

I would like to urge all residents to look out for this, and if you have not received a copy contact the neighbourhood workers in the community planning (Neighbourhood Pride) section of City of York Council.

Ward councillors need your views so that these action plans really do reflect what you want to see happen and take account of your local knowledge.

Unfortunately most councillors did not have the opportunity to see the draft of the insert before it was printed, and the deadline of August 13 for returning the completed form was omitted.

I would also draw your attention to questions on page two of this document asking for your experiences of consultation over planning applications. Answers to this will help to shape the council's "statement of community involvement", which is a legal requirement as part of the new planning system.

It is very important that the council gets this right if residents are to be able to effectively have our say on how we realise our vision for York in 2020 and beyond.

Coun Andy D'Agorne,

Green Party councillor for Fishergate Ward,

Broadway West,


Updated: 10:40 Wednesday, July 06, 2005