A FOUR-year-old boy desperately battling a virulent form of cancer is in the United States and on radiotherapy.

Since December, The Press has highlighted the story of Jamie Inglis and his family’s battle to raise £250,000 for ground-breaking and potentially life-saving treatment in America for the childhood cancer neuroblastoma.

The Inglis family, who have a house in Elvington but have been living in Germany where dad John is posted with the British Army, have now started a blog detailing the treatment Jamie is receiving and how he is finding life in America.

Jamie is being treated at the Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia and is having radiotherapy before having the new treatment, which it is hoped will kill off any remaining cancer cells, meaning the chances of a relapse in the future are greatly diminished.

His mum, Vicky, wrote: “What we are about to embark on with Jamie seems very scary as, day by day, Jamie is improving so much. His behaviour has really changed, his confidence and laughter, laughter which I have not heard for so long when he is playing.”

In a country famous for huge portions of food, Vicky said her son is finally putting on weight again after spending months with no appetite or having to be fed by tube.

Vicky said: “We are now in the hospital’s Ronald McDonald house. It is amazing. Caterers come and cook at 6pm, there is a massive pantry where you just help yourself. The facilities are out of this world.

“Jamie is putting on weight at last. We are struggling with getting to the hospital for 7am every day, but so far the sessions are going well. Everyone loves him here.

“The most amazing thing has been meeting the two other British families whose children are having the same (treatment). To see and hear the same everyday stresses of living with neuroblastoma makes me feel a little bit more normal. I think I needed this months ago; better than any counselling.”

Vicky added: “Thank you to all of you that are still supporting the fundraising efforts, you know who you are and I can’t possibly name everyone, but just know that it is still helping.”

To read Vicky’s blog log on to keepjamiesmiling.