Moderate Muslims speak about respect, and put forward a lack of respect for their religious culture by native Britons as a significant factor in the world wide havoc which is being wrought upon non believers in the name of their Prophet.

Those who have chosen our country to establish their roots and develop their potential in are a minority in a tolerant country which gives all its citizens the full protection of law, including free speech and religious following.

The moderates among them say they do not support terror or the way that masked protesters, professing to be their brothers, take over our streets against anything they see as against them and their faith. Nor do they agree with the carrying of placards threatening beheading, death and repeated devastation, like that already inflicted, on "the European Crusaders".

I would hate to be claimed as brother of those, by bonds of race, family, politics or religion who incited, carried out or advocated that kind of hatred against anyone, and can make it very clear.

Isn't it time that recognised leaders and those who speak on behalf of moderate Muslims make a clear and aggressive disclaimer against the extremists amongst them who want to be seen as truly representing the brotherhood of Islam with their pitiless slaughter of innocents.

By not doing so, they leave doubts in the minds of potential victims which make trusting very difficult. I would respect a clearly written and signed Bill of Rights, for all non believers, that they would not suffer violation at the hands of Muslims but I would reserve the right to judge by actions rather than words.

I can understand a fear to speak out in some other countries, including some Islamic ones, but I hope and prayer that we never reach that state of affairs here, and would work for all our citizens to prevent it.

Your comments:

Be fair, George, the moderate majority have been speaking out at every opportunity. Mainstream Muslim groups have made clear and measured statements. They just haven't got much media coverage, precisely because they're clear and measured - so don't make exciting headlines!

Check out the Evening Press feature on this, printed last week, especially the balanced views expressed by the Chair of the York Mosque. Also this weekend there is to be a rally in London called by the Muslim Association of Britain, against incitement and Islamophobia. I'd bet it'll be many times bigger than the ill-advised demo last week!

Those who shout loudest get attention - but they may not represent much.

Ben Drake, York

Fair to who Ben? I speak as I feel and I have not heard enough to make me feel confident that the vast majority of moderates, whom I respect, have done enough. I recognise and applaud what has been said.

I heard much stronger condemnation yesterday from a young Muslim woman, speaking for herself. The reaction should be appropriate to the seriousness of what has been threatened by these extremists, expressed with real intent against the moderate people living in peace alongside them.

These people trade in fear and see lenience as weakness. It is amongst the weak and vunerable that they are happiest and most successful.

I am afraid I cannot feel for them in that way. We have seen the results of what they represent and they are promising more.

George Appleby, Clifton

Agreed George, but consider this too. If Tony and Co. had listened to the people of our fast deteriorating country (which they didn't of course) they wouldn't also have spent Billions of pounds from the tax coffers on bombing innocent people in certain places around the world, there would then be even more money for pensons, hospitals, schools etc.

Maybe then our health service might not be listed around 24th in the ranking figures, which is way below other EC countries like Spain for example.

Have our leaders gone completely bonkers? Are George and I the only ones that can see there are better things to spend money on?

Why are there so many poor people in this 'so-called' wealthy country and also places such as hospitals, local councils etc suffereing massive shortfalls of money which should be coming from the government coffers?

Why should we have to pay more council taxes because the government won't give back what has already been paid in? The people of our country pay the money in - so the peolpe should have a say in what it should be first used for.

I think it's time we had instant computer voting system of some sort and then the government could "Ask the audience" so to speak, what they think.

David Barnes, Acomb

Hi David, I agree that Tony Blair and Bush jumped the gun in Iraq, on questionable grounds, instead of waiting for United Nations backing and contributing under that flag if agreed.

I think we provide money for the government to meet our basic needs in life. They are good at lashing it out but don't judge the sense of spending it by results, only by how much they spend.

I hear it all the time when concern is raised about shortcomings in provision of these basics, "and that is why we have spent several billions to deal with this problem and have plans to spend more". This answer is the stock one for foreign aid and others where the situation seems to get worse the more they spend. There appears to be no control over how our money is used.

Result! there is plenty of money around to spend on anything but the absolutely necessities.

George Appleby, Clifton

Okay George, So it's like I said earlier. The people we trust to look after our country and its finances have lost it!

Billions spent on bombs, thousands dead and still dying, thousands wounded and would you believe it... The one bloke they were after is alive and making a mockery of his own trial.

What's that all about then?

Why is it our leaders don't appear to have the 'COMMON SENSE' that us mere mortals have?

Every 'NEW' idea they come up with has already been tried elswhere at some time and failed, yet I, as only a mere mortal, can instantly see most of their ideas will fail before they get started. So the question is... Why do they continue to waste billions of pounds before they see the error of their ways?

It's just always more of the same...!

Wasted time and taxes on yet another stupid idea.

The only thing I have found our government are really good at is prying as much money from earners pockets as possible using all their devious stealth taxes.

Why can't they be as good at placing it where it will do the most good for the citizens of our country and make us happy with them for a change?

I agree with helping with foreign aid to seriously needy famine-ravished countries, provided our government ensure it gets through to the right place and is used wisely. But like you say yourself, things don't appear to improve there either do they?

I'm a result of the WWII baby boom after our government urged our parents to get on with the job of rebuilding the nations population, Which smacks more to me of... Mmmm more taxes later!

Because there were so many of us born I have been able to almost predict what the government has in store for our age group.

They have all the data they require to make their plans for change like...

Just before our pensions are due we hear...

Sorry... There won't be any money for your pensions because we've wasted it on something else which made us look like we were actually doing something useful etc. etc.

As for more money into schools, well... When I left primary school I could read, write and do basic maths.

What has changed so much in schools since then that some youths leaving school today can't do what we did at primary?...

Changes by government - that's what!

What about Health Trusts v Hospitals?

I believe the truth about these is...

The government don't want to spend money on hospitals so they effectively turn each one into an individual business that has to support itself.

Let's face it, the people who work in hospitals want to help cure the ill and because they don't get 'our money' from our government, they will have to close wards.

Looks like no matter what we do George... We're Doomed!

Anyway, before I really get going and people are sent to lock me away, I think I had better leave it there.

Oh I forget... How much will our Prime Ministers 'guaranteed' pension be again?

David Barnes, Acomb