THE University of York is proving its green credentials by signing up to an agreement to reduce its emissions.

The university has signed up to the 10:10 campaign which is an ambitious project to reduce Britain's carbon emissions by ten per cent in 2010 through action on the part of individuals, companies and other organisations.

Professor Alastair Fitter, Pro-Vice-Chancellor for Research, said: “We are confident that we can meet the 10:10 target as a significant step towards more ambitious reductions in our carbon footprint over the longer term.

“In addition to reducing our own emissions, the university is at the forefront of research that is improving our understanding of climate change and developing the technologies that will be central to the creation of the low carbon economy of the future.

“We have commissioned a study which will make York the first university to get comprehensive information on its complete carbon footprint, including things such as the hidden carbon use in the products it uses.”

The university has worked closely with the Carbon Trust to improve the efficiency of its existing estate while buildings on its new campus expansion will meet exacting carbon reduction and renewable energy targets.

York is also a partner in the recently launched Centre for Low Carbon Futures which is working with business to translate university research on clean technologies into practical applications.

Dr John Barrett, from the Stockholm Environment Institute at the university, is carrying out the detailed study of York's current carbon footprint which will be used to identify areas to improve and measure progress.

The University's decision to support the 10:10 campaign is supported by the University of York Students' Union and a staff forum that promotes a sustainable campus.

David Clarke, YUSU Environment and Ethics Officer, said: “This bold step gives a concrete, public commitment that the university will take serious steps to reduce its emissions. It is not just about 10 per cent cuts during this year; this is a pledge for ambitious action in the longer term.

“We've been extremely pleased by the considerable support shown by students to YUSU's 10:10 campaign. This is a success we can all be proud of."