OFFICIALS in York are considering postponing this year’s General Election count until the Friday, in a move that has angered candidates.

City of York Council, which will administer the polls for the new York Central and York Outer seats, has still to decide whether to carry out the traditional Thursday night count, or whether to wait until the Friday.

The Press understands the latter option is being seriously considered, despite national fears that Friday counts could destroy the drama of the election, widely expected to be on May 6.

Julian Sturdy, Conservative candidate for York Outer, said: “People need to know the result and a lot of them stay up and are interested in seeing who is going to form the next Government. These things have always been decided on a Thursday night.”

York’s acting returning officer, Kersten England, said: “It is our responsibility to ensure that everyone in York who is entitled to vote, has the opportunity to do so and that their votes are counted accurately.

“We are considering all of our arrangements for the election with this primarily in mind.”

Councils across the country have said budget cuts have made it harder to pay people overtime for a Thursday count, and said new postal voting regulations will make the process more arduous than before.