DOORMEN will be patrolling the streets around York St John University this week, in a new trial to prevent anti-social behaviour by revelling students.

Working with the university and North Yorkshire Police, the scheme will see teams of security staff from the student's union monitoring the area behind the union for unruly behaviour.

The students' union received a record number of complaints last year, from residents about anti-social behaviour around the university in the early hours of the morning, and unacceptable music levels from the union.

The installation of a new sound system in the union means the music level is no longer an issue, and it is hoped that regular patrols by security staff will help increase students' respect of their neighbours.

The scheme is run by Students' Union President and qualified door supervisor Jason Wallis, who believes the scheme will be a success.

“There's a level of respect when someone sees that the person asking them to keep it down is the same person who let them in the union bar earlier that night,” said Jason, “and we feel it's important that we let the residents know we're stepping up our long-running Silent Students Happy Homes campaign.”

The Security Industries Authority-qualified patrols travel in teams of two around the Eldon Street, Neville Street, Brownlow Street and Park Grove Street areas, between 10pm and 3am.

They wear high-visibility jackets, and carry radios and mobile phones- the numbers of which have been given to local residents who can report any unacceptable behaviour to them directly.

“We are very much right in the middle of a residential area,” said Jason, “the students may not be aware of just how much noise a group of them walking down a residential street can make.”

At the moment the trial scheme will only run through 'Refresher's Week'which is this week, but Jason is hoping that night marshals will soon be seen patrolling during all major university events.

“There are certain times of year when this scheme would be more useful,” said Jason, “mainly in September around Freshers week, but we have plans to expand the team and widen their route if this trial is successful.”