A SCHOOL is planning to hold an information session for pupils about mephedrone, amid concerns the deadly “legal high’ drug is becoming widely available in its catchment area.

John Butcher, deputy head of Easingwold School, said it wanted pupils to know about the dangers posed by the drug, and also to understand that school’s zero-tolerance policy extended to mephedrone – even if it is currently legal.

He said there had been an incident before Christmas in which staff suspected a pupil had been using it. However, no firm evidence had been found and no action had therefore been taken.

“We have no evidence whatsoever of any student supplying it in the school,” he said. “However, we have a clear policy on drugs, whether legal or not, and that is of zero tolerance. We take a very strong line.

“We are not complacent and are aware that mephedrone is said to be widely available in North Yorkshire.”

Mr Butcher said the school’s youth leader, a qualified substance misuse worker, first made the school aware of the issue.

Mr Butcher said: “We are liaising with the police and we are planning to so something to provide some information to pupils, both about the potential effects of the drug and about the school’s attitude towards it.

“We will be providing information, either in lessons or assembly.”

His comments came after the York parent of a pupil at Easingwold posted a comment on The Press website, claiming that pupils had been caught taking the drug and it was being sold quite openly.

Yesterday, The Press reported a police sergeant warning that mephedrone was being bought and sold in and around schools in North Yorkshire, after being bought as plant food.

Mr Butcher said The Press campaign to make mephedrone illegal, launched last week, was supported by Easingwold School.