THE Press’s campaign to outlaw the curse of mephedrone is gathering pace – as more York parents reveal their harrowing experiences of the legal but potentially lethal drug’s effects.

One, who did not want to be named, said: “My son, who is 15, has been lying, stealing and is a completely different person to the one I used to know, since he started taking this drug.

“My guess is that he began using mephedrone since August last year, but he is now taking it more than ever. He is sullen and rude and not the sweet, loving son I used to have.

“I cannot believe I am talking about my own son this way – I never thought I would say this – but he is now unrecognisable. This drug is terrible. Yes, it may be legal, but it has led him into a life of crime.”

She added: “This drug is awful and something desperately needs to be done.”

As more stories continue to pour in, The Press's campaign has gained momentum with nearly 100 petition signatures in three days. The drug, which can be bought for as little as £3 a gram and comes in powder, tablet, crystal or liquid form, has nicknames including “meow meow”, “drone” and “bubble”.

Meanwhile, police in Hertfordshire said six people had been arrested after a party earlier this week in which an 18-year-old died.

It was reported nationally that Ben Walters had died after taking mephedrone but Hertfordshire Police have not confirmed this.

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