EVIDENCE continues to be given to The Press of the devastating impact of the drug mephedrone.

It came as a petition backing our campaign, The Menace of Mephedrone, which aims to outlaw the legal drug, gathered momentum and support from the public.

A mother-of four from Acomb, has decided to share her “living nightmare” after watching her 16-year-old son become addicted to the drug.

“Before Christmas my son got rushed to hospital after taking this drug,” said the woman, who asked to remain anonymous.

“He was not breathing and he was violently ill.

“At first I thought this had terrified him and he would stay away from the drug, but now he is completely addicted and it has ruined his life.

“He just stays out all night and sleeps all day. It has meant he has lost his job and his place studying for a National Diploma in sports at York College.” She said her son steals from her and even sold his Christmas presents to fund his habit.

“I am absolutely gutted,” she said. “Before he was so loving but now he lies to me all the time.

“I have three other children and my eight-year-old son was really close to him and he is terrified too and has started wetting the bed.

“I just don’t know what to do.

“I just hope that people start to sit up and listen because this drug is getting out of control.”

Mephedrone is legal providing it is sold as plant food and not for human consumption.

If police suspect the drug has been sold for human consumption, the supplier can be arrested and prosecuted.

Are you worried about the increasing availability of “legal highs” such as mephedrone? Have you or your family been affected?

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