A FRESH horde of Vikings have descended on York thanks to a £1 million refurbishment to the Jorvik Centre.

The life-like animatronics will be unveiled at the centre’s relaunch on February 13.

The six “Vikings” have travelled 4,000 miles from Life Formations in Ohio, in the USA.

Nigel Knight, a spokesman for the firm managing the refurbishment, said: “Look out for Sigurd’s missing finger, which he lost in an accident using his saw; listen to the arguing couple discussing what to have for dinner and watch out for the rat foraging in the waste pits."

University of York students will voice the Old Norse accents of the new Vikings, whose eyes are programmed to follow the visitors during their ride through the attraction.

The centre’s relaunch will coincide with the 25th annual Jorvik Viking Festival between February 13 and 21.