What set out as a business venture operated in Seggy Segeran’s spare bedroom 20 years ago is now Tele-Products Ltd with offices in Northminster Business Park, a £1 million turnover and employing 11 people.

As a manufacturer of telecom test equipment, its client list straddles the planet.

Its green credentials are clear. Under its First Stop Safety division which helps companies comply with Health & Safety regulations by offering information, training and test instrument products, it manufactures a BattPAT, a battery-powered tester which has seen sales soar.

Its Crucible Technologies division has exclusive rights in Yorkshire to market a Lighting Energy Controller (LEC), a little black box designed to slash power costs for business. Seggy Segeran’s firm, which in 1995 won The Press Exporter Of The Year title. is living proof of how green thinking can offer a way of overcoming the economic downturn.

Judges said: “All three finalists were deserved winners, but what made Tele-Products stand out was the systematic way it had thoroughly reviewed and measured its own impact on the environment and how its carbon footprint and costs could be reduced.

“The impact of the review has cascaded throughout the organisation so that every employee can play their part.”

Think Green Business Of The Year

Winner: Tele-Products Ltd

Finalists: EnviroVent and Lindum Turf