Regarding the letter from Peter Ashton (Not so simple, November 24) on the proposed Beckfield Lane segregated cycle path. It seems Mr Ashton comes from the same planet as Coun Steve Galloway – Cloud Cuckoo Land, that is.

If Mr Ashton believes that cyclists keep to their own lane on segregated pavements then I suggest he goes and stands for a short while at his so-called “successfully established” joint user pathway at the north end of Beckfield Lane. At this location I have witnessed, on several occasions, cyclists coming along three and four abreast with not a care in the world for the safety of pedestrians, other than the utterance of the odd expletive if they don’t get out of the way.

The irrefutable evidence is that there has only been one minor road accident involving a cyclist on Beckfield Lane in the last three years. Collisions between cyclists and pedestrians on pavements are not recorded as the culprit(s) often speed off unrecognised.

There is a place for segregated pedestrian/cycle facilities in York – areas where the footway is wide enough without digging up acres of grass verges and where there is little or no cross motor traffic.

Beckfield Lane is not one of those locations.

Coun David Horton, Acomb ward councillor, Top Lane, Copmanthorpe, York.

• TO the lady who would prefer to have a lie-down on the road to a cycle path (Lane fury, The Press, November 21) I would just like to say, good luck, but don’t you think you are being rather dramatic?

I am not going to repeat what I have said in previous letters, I am just going to add a couple of comments in response to the lady in question.

At the age of 81, I think I can count myself as one of the elderly she mentions and I do wish to walk in safety.

I am also quite good at spotting cars exiting from driveways; a pedestrian has to be aware of all dangers, and they are there whichever way you look at it these days.

Cyclists are in a different category; you need eyes at the back of your head. But the Good Lord only gave us two. Let me remind this lady, we have blind, deaf and disabled who use these pavements. Let not your pavement be spoiled, look after yourself and never mind the rest; is this your motto?

B M Horsley, Raven Grove, Acomb, York.