A YORK-BASED Territorial Army squadron is set to be given freedom to parade through the city.

The Lord Mayor of York Coun John Galvin will propose that City of York Council confer the Freedom of Entry to the City of York upon the Yorkshire Squadron of the Queen’s Own Yeomanry, at a full council meeting on Thursday.

The Queen’s Own Yeomanry is a Territorial Army reconnaissance regiment made up of various squadrons, including the 70-strong Yorkshire Squadron, which is based at Yeomanry Barracks, in Fulford Road, York.

Coun Galvin said he had been impressed by the squadron at an event earlier in the year and felt they were worthy of the Freedom of Entry to the City of York.

He said: “We went to a function and felt they ought to have the Freedom of the City. It allows them to parade through the city with bands playing and flags flying and it is an honour to be bestowed. It is a way the city can recognise them and give them the respect they deserve.

“I am delighted to be moving that the city grants them the freedom and all that that entails. I hope they will be able to exercise that right before my year of office ends in May 2010.”