POLICE carried out a series of raids in Selby following residents’ complaints about drugs activity in their area.

Suspected drug users had a rude awakening when detectives knocked down their doors with a battering ram.

The raids took place as part of Selby police’s continuing fight against drugs and because residents had said drugs were a big problem in their area.

The first raid took place at a home in Petre Avenue. Officers simply walked into the property to execute the drugs warrant as the door was open. They discovered a quantity of what they believed to be amphetamine and cannabis and a man found at the address was arrested on suspicion of possessing class B drugs. He has since been released on police bail pending analysis of the substances found.

The second raid took place in Millgate.

Officers using a battering ram forced their way into the property and found a quantity of what is believed to be heroin.

A further raid at a home in D’Arcy Court found nothing. All the raids involved between seven and ten police officers and community support personnel.

PC Dave Herbert said the raids had come about as a result of intelligence work and information supplied by local residents.

PC Herbert said: “Primarily, they’ve been as a result of members of the public phoning in and letting us know of unusual activity or a high level of visitors to these properties which would indicate drugs use.”

PC Herbert said drugs were a particular priority for Selby police, having been highlighted as a one of residents’ main concerns through the Joint Action Groups that had been set up.

He said: “We will continue to evaluate information that we’re told and I can anticipate further raids in the future.”