STAFF at a York cosmetics store donned home-made fox ears and tails to highlight claims that hunting foxes continues throughout England, despite it being illegal.

The front of Lush Cosmetics in Coney Street has been emblazoned with the words “The hunts are still at it”, with the same thing happening at the company’s other 88 shops across the UK. The messages will be removed later this week.

The events were part of a new campaign Lush has launched against hunting foxes, in support of the Hunt Saboteurs Association, which uses peaceful means in a bid to protect hunted animals.

Hilary Jones, director of ethics at Lush, said: “For those that spent years campaigning for a ban on hunting, there was a huge sense of relief and joy when the law was finally passed.

“But that has since changed to a terrible feeling of betrayal when it was seen that the law was not being enforced.

“The public wanted hunting to stop – we believe they still do and will share this sense of betrayal.”