ONCE again the topic of animals in the circus has raised its ugly head, this time in the national television news.

The Government said there is no evidence of harm to animals in circuses.

Obviously they did not watch the film in question, which showed three elephants being abused by the keeper, twisting their tails and hitting them with a brush and a hammer. I think anyone would agree this is harmful.

I do not think animals should be trailed round the country in wagons for months on end. This is not natural, they do not do that in the wild.

They are beaten to make them perform – remember Mary Chipperfield, who was taken to court for mistreating animals in her circus. It’s time we stopped abusing animals for profit.

If there is a circus in your town with performing animals, please do not go. Your entrance money supports cruelty. Angela Summers, Leeds Road, Selby.