AFTER reading in The Press about more of our troops being killed in Afghanistan, bad accidents on the roads and people losing their jobs, it was refreshing to open The Press at the centrefold (Fishing for an answer to boredom, August 14) to find a tranquil and peaceful scene of PCSO Dowson and his colleagues fishing with a group of teenagers.

I tie in this article with the comment made by A Myers (Soapbox, August 7) referring to PCSO Dowson and fellow officers (I don’t like the word cronies) that they should be on the streets stopping antisocial behaviour instead of taking young people fishing.

Officer Dowson took the initiative to get these youngsters off the streets hoping to guide them to a better way of life. The article indicates it was an enjoyable and successful day.

If he can turn just one person in the right direction then well done, officer.

Oh, by the way, I don’t fish myself.

DJ Wilde, Acomb, York