While appreciating the good works done by the Yorkshire Swan Rescue Centre (The Press, August 6), I am becoming a bit bored with Mr Sidley’s annual diatribe, always commencing with “discarded fishing tackle”, regarding the incidence of injuries to these beautiful birds.

Again, in response to his allegation that “there is a rising problem with swans suffering from lead poisoning”, I must once more point out that Government dictates of more than 20 years ago banned the use of certain sizes of lead shot by anglers. If he wishes to make allegations against persons, then I suggest that suitable “ammunition” (there’s a clue in there somewhere) for him would be to look in the direction of other members of the “field sports” society, where he will find that shot is still used.

Regarding the “discarding” of fishing tackle, this is usually found to be not “discarded” but “lost”, either by inexperienced or young anglers, making their way in the sport, due to the strength of the fish caught breaking the line, and the taking of the bait in shallower waters by the waterfowl inhabiting and feeding in the area being fished.

R Hutchinson, General secretary, York & District Amalgamation of Anglers, St Clement’s Club, Count de Burgh Terrace, York